Welcome to the Strammer / Kuschner 49er Olympic Sailing Team


Our Goal:  Win the Men’s 49er Olympic Trials in Miami during January and February 2016 and continue to Rio to win the Gold Medal at the Olympic Games in August 2016.

Our Moto: Sail To Victory


Meet The Team:

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Skipper (right) – Fred Strammer

Crew (left)Mike Kuschner


Our Strategy:

To Prepare for the Olympic Trials we will compete in 12 international events and log over 170 days of sailing.  In order to sail this many events, we will be spending over half the year abroad training agains the world’s best.  Our racing, training, and living among the world’s top racers is the clearest way to elevate our games and afford us the opportunity to focus solely on our objectives.  The days are simple: live to train, and train to win.  Although demanding, this all-out effort is the right approach, and we think the obvious path to victory.



We are seeking your help in keeping our Sail to Victory dream alive.  Your tax-deductible donation at one of our sponsorship tiers would have a considerable impact on achieving our fundraising goal.  Learn more on how to support our Sail to Victory!

The Olympic Trials are only one year away! As a team we have designed a pragmatic operating budget that is based on our proven ability to live lean and train mean. We are seeking your help in keeping our Sail to Victory dreams alive. Please know that we value your support. We encourage you to share our goal with your friends and colleagues and point them to this webpage for donations. Sail to Victory!

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